Hello fellow fisherman, my name is Mark Palbicki aka." The Minnow" I'm a 3rd generation fisherman and been fishing most of my life. I am the creator of the Hellkat Shockbait. I've been fishing muskies since the summer of 75'. I started fishing bull dawgs before most fishermen even heard of them, at that time you could only get them at a tavern named The Hooten Bar, up on North & South Twin, in Vilas Co. Wisconsin. We'd stop for a greasy cheeseburger and a cold beer for lunch and buy a bait or two, they only came in two colors, solid black or solid motor oil, they may still have been in their prototype stage. We fished them different than they do today, dead stickin' one, as you retrieved the other, a trick we learned from Gene Curtis a local guide up in that area. It's my humble opinion Bulldawgs revolutionized modern day muskie fishing as we know it. Let's fast forward just a little, I became good friends with wildlife artist Rodd Umlauf, and we started an art studio endeavor up in Lake Tomahawk, you'll recognize Rodd's work for it graces the covers of Musky Hunter magazine and the likes. Then came the Great Recession, and the art world took a major hit. In survival mode I came up with an idea to create our own big plastic musky bait. It took 3 years of extensive field testing, to get it right. I like to think that the innovation of this bait is like no other that has come before it. The Hellkat is designed and engineered to catch big fish, with many 50" plus fish being reported. With successful catches, anglers encourage us to make different sizes, so we listened, and now offer 3 sizes in which to choose from. These baits are all hand poured and made one at a time. Proudly made right here in Wisconsin. U.S.A.