hellkat menuHellkats come in 3 different sizes all 3 sizes come with either cork or lead in the head. Specs are as follow: 
Weight / Length
Cork vs. Lead. Price
Big Kat 8oz. 9oz. 16" to 18". $18.00
Med. Kat 5oz. 5.5oz. 12" to 14". $15.00
Sm. Cat 2.5oz. 3oz. 10" to 12". $12.00

All baits are hand pour and all tails are hand cut.

The cork heads will suspend a bit in-between pulls, this hang time often triggers strikes. Work over weeds or in shallow water opportunities .
The lead heads glides down to desired depth, this swimming action triggers strikes with many of fish hitting on the drop.

Work baits slower than you would other big plastics.

Are made to your custom order : 2 color combos plus glitters.
My staple colors which are in stock :
solid black 
solid motor oil 
No belly color, for it effects the action of the Kat.

Tuning : simply bend head slightly upwards.

Made in the U.S.A.